May 22, 2008

New Project

I am starting a new project. This will be an underwater scene with a sea turtle being the main focus. I have found a fabulous background fabric in a green gradating from light at the top to dark at the bottom. I have found some unusual fringe that I thought made perfect seaweed and used several pieces to the sea bottom. This has given the piece some 3 dimensional qualities. I intend to glue in some seashells at the end of the project, nestling them in this fringe. Hopefully I will have a photo for you of how far I am by tomorrow. This is quite a bit larger than my first two art quilts and I am finding it a challenge to fill the space and get the depth needed to have a successful project. I know from past experience that the quilting will add a lot to the overall look of the quilt so I want to begin that before adding more at this point. So I am waiting to add that before adding anymore fish, plant life or other objects to this scene. I will keep you posted with my progress.

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